So there I was clearing my spoil board for the first time ever.

So there I was clearing my spoil board for the first time ever. It was going well until suddenly my spindle bound up and stopped. Probably had my feed too fast (100mm/min). So I react with e stop and feed hold. Then safe the machine and re position. Now my machine doesn’t know where work zero is. I basically hoped that I could start over as I can’t find the last successful line of g-code. No joy.

Try using registration pinholes on your material before milling and you can always get back to zero. If your piece has not moved it is trivial to go to your registration holes to set up zero again. If zero is not in the piece I use it as one of the registration holes. Even if you take out the piece it should be easy to get within a half a millimeter using this technique.

I think from an earlier thread you said you’re using Grbl. That’s one of the biggest reasons I moved to TinyG. When you e-stop Grbl you lose position. On TinyG you keep it. It’s something to consider cuz in my experience I have to estop all the time during real milling.

No I have the Tiny G

John, I rarely estop any more and mill for hours without problems including milling long jobs several times in a row. If I estop now it is always a brainfart on my part.

I do not rely on the machine to maintain a zero on my material because I reuse pieces in various projects and have to register it anyway.

Clayton, if there is anything I can do to help let me know. I really am hoping to get more people who are doing fine craftsmanship using these tools. This is the A part of STEAM and like the Arts in education it is getting short shrift from the community of “makers”.

@Steve_Anken I really think that we should perhaps do a Google Hangout on this in the next couple of days. Add me to your circles and lets pick a time.

@jlauer ​ grbl should not lose position if a stop is sent went the machine is in a hold state or otherwise not moving.
But i am still seeing that it does so. Which I think is a CP bug and not a grbl bug. Another thing to add to the list.

Where do you have your estop wired up to @jlauer ​, or are you talking about a feed hold in cp?

@Paul_Shaw and @Justin_Adie what I mean is sending ! to Grbl. If you then want to jog around to fix something or do tool change you have to hit Ctrl-X. That causes you to lose position.

It should not @jlauer ​. You should be able to stop the spindle and the mill in grbl 1 and retain position. You should also be able to jog when in hold but I’ve not found anything definitive about that. I might dig around the source code to see what’s up.

If you want to run a touch probe to re-zero your tool do you have to still do Ctrl-X and reset it? Thus losing position?

I haven’t tried. Usually i just drop the end-mill to the surface and tighten the clamping nuts. So it self levels. But equally i usually do drilling and milling after isolation traces (where I’m not using vias) so accuracy to 1/10mm is not so important.

Should my spindle be wired in to the TinyG? I thought you needed a separate controller for that. I am running the little spindle.

You wire a relay into the tinyg. Then the spindle to a relay. Or a spindle controller.