So SpaceX has Elon Musk,

So SpaceX has Elon Musk, but we have +Peter van der Walt

He is scheming yet another expansion of Laserweb…

This time we’d like to venture into running a lathe…

From Peter:
I am sitting on enough Vslot, easy accessible metal lasercutting for carriage plates, have a router, have some big nema23s. Very little stopping me from building a CNC lathe… All except a drivetrain. . I was looking at this one in my local Adendorfs the other day (local equivalent to Harbor Freight) . thinking how easy it would be to bolt on a cnc XZ axis.

At ZAR1995 it works out to about US$150…

So you may need to rise up 20 okes to throw a beer my way to get the deal through (;

This should give the community a) a open source bolt on cnc upgrade design for a popular wood lathe available at Canadian tyre, harbor freight, and addendorfs. As always i’ll provide the designs for the custom lasercut pieces, and clockwerk mech can do a groupbuy for guys looking to get a set. . And b) lathe cam support in CNCWeb/LaserWeb/Latheweb (really needs a Rename)

So my orange peeler idea is no good :frowning:

I have 3 lathes and have been considering converting one into a cnc lathe. just need to figure out the hardware details :slight_smile:

It’s about time we rename this project to “CreatorWeb” or “MakerWeb”!.. :wink:

It’s definitely venturing beyond LaserWeb :slight_smile:

I heard motionweb today, sounds cool. Maybe I would dish the web and add something more pro