so roughly 5 hours in and this is what I have to show for

(Bernie Koestlmaier (Coast Precision CNC Ltd.)) #1

so roughly 5 hours in and this is what I have to show for it. Sorry for the poor picture. It was taken at 2am this morning!

(Mike Miller) #2

I REALLY like the idea of building with diBond, I’ve just never seen it in person.

(Jim Wilson) #3

Look at that 2D printer, glaring at its 3D counterpart jealously…

(Bernie Koestlmaier (Coast Precision CNC Ltd.)) #4

@Mike_Miller I was leery at first, but it seems to be working out quite well so far.

(Mike Miller) #5

I wasn’t leery…it’s the same mechanism used to make composite materials really strong (they just use foam and carbon fiber mat, rather than plastic and sheet aluminum.)

(Bernie Koestlmaier (Coast Precision CNC Ltd.)) #6

I come from a machining background, so I was concerned a bit, but then I realize that it is basically a 3D positioning machine that lays filament, so it doesn’t need to be as rigid as a mill.

(Brad Hopper) #7

Where does one buy diebond? I looked for a while and seemed to only fond sheets of 4x8’ for $800! Sign shops wouldn’t sell.

(Chuck McManis) #8

@Bernie_Koestlmaier_C I am reminded of the lack of rigidity as I work on getting my Replicator Dual to print. Clearly there is some requirement, too much motion between platform and print during tool changes can leave artifacts in the deposition but I agree that in general you don’t need nearly as much rigidity. Dibond looks like an interesting material, what is it like to work with?

(Bernie Koestlmaier (Coast Precision CNC Ltd.)) #9

They came in the kit from @nop_head already cut and drilled. I haven’t tried to source it myself so I can’t answer the sourcing part.

(Pierre Brown) #10

Is this house made? Or is it a mount it yourself kit from a company?
Anyhow, impressive. May I ask what is the total price of the components? What are the sources? I am interested in buying a machine, even if house made, and exploring my options. Thanks for an answer. Pierre S. Brown, Autodesk Maya 2014 Professional.

(Bernie Koestlmaier (Coast Precision CNC Ltd.)) #11

This is from a kit. You could source it yourself from a bom provided on the Mendel90 wiki from the reprap site. This kit from @nop_head is £499 plus shipping.

(Camerin hahn) #12

Getting things from @nop_head is really quick and easy. If you are going to build this printer i would get it from him.

(Krishnan Nambiar) #13

@Pierre_Brown I use the Mendel90. It is a nice 3D printer.

(Bernie Koestlmaier (Coast Precision CNC Ltd.)) #14

Finished all the mechanical assembly EARLY this morning. PSU and wiring tonight maybe!