So recently half the 2.1 examples stopped working for me.

So recently half the 2.1 examples stopped working for me. I can load blink, noise, cylon and some others just fine but when i load fire or colorpalette I get what looks to be the first frame and then it freezes. Sometimes taking out the serial port as well where i have to unplug everything and reset the board to load a new sketch.

I’ve tried different power setups, boards, led chipsets, reinstalling fastled library, reinstalling arduino and everything else I could think of, and nothing helped.

Everything used to run just fine… any ideas what could be going on?

Have you tried programming the Arduino with a basic sketch and then removing the USB cord and just powering it with a battery?

I’ve had some strange power issues and found that AC to 7V DC adapters are quite often higher, thus more dangerous to the unit.

Are you referring to the ‘stock’ as-is examples in the 2.1 repo?

Jon - yes straight up, only changing chipsets and or data pin etc.
Andrew- I’ve tried powering every way i can think of. The basic and most other sketches run just fine its just certain Fastled examples that stopped working.

Are you using FastLED.delay or the power managed delay in those examples? If so, change to either a standard non-blocking delay or the regular delay() statement.

I experienced some unusual activity recently too. I dumped and cleaned my %temp% file on the PC, then a restart. It seemed to clear any compiler/uploading issues and buggy behavior.

clearing my temp didn’t help except for giving me back over 2gb of hard drive space:) However, Changing the Fastled.delay to a regular delay() does seem to fix it though! Thanks Andrew! What does FastLED.delay do differently?

Here’s a GitHub issue on this very topic.