So on the flexing of the X axis.

So on the flexing of the X axis. Has anyone tried to machine a flat plate to the underneath of the two sections of maker slide using the insertion nuts?

Maybe an inverted T heavy extrusion drilled every 50mm with counter sunk holes attached to the underneath of the x axis.

I am not sure about that, but i did find on thingiverse a printable insert that runs throught the channel to bind them together. If you search on that site for shapeoko you will see it rather quickly, or later when i am not on my cell, i can send you the stl.

here is one:

here is the one I am going to try to cut on my milling machine, I think it is exactly what we need, I think you have a 3D printer:

On my Ox I just drilled holes every so far and screwed the two extrusions together. My spindle weighs 7kg and my X-axis is 1500mm and it seems to be working just fine. The X-axis uses 2 x 6020 extrusions and 6mm aluminium plates.

Thanks for the 3D print. Also has anyone tried a 1 kW spindle?

Hi Mike can I see a picture and do you have a plan putting that together? I want to take my x axis cutting area up to 1220+ mm to take a full sheet width.

Plan? :slight_smile: I mounted the rails (to keep everything lined up) and drilled through at the t-slot trough using a battery drill. I had to initially drill with a larger bit to get the bolt head inside the extrusion, if you see what I mean. You can’t post pics once the first one has been put up (stupid Google!) but it was as simple as that. I used t-nuts as nuts so they stayed low-profle (there’s only a tiny amount of clearance on the Ox). I put four bolts in the centre, three each at 1/3 across from each side.

I see in the UK they show the option of buying makerslide up to 2000mm, however it is all out if stock. So I have been thinking, a 1500 by 2000mm Shapeoko. Has this been done? I am thinking it must have been!
So how about deflection? Would the the way be to get two lengths for every one on the Y axis and make mounts the same as the X. Or one length backed by a piece of large extrusion, say 40 by 20. What are your thoughts?

I bought 2.5m lengths from Colin at Robocutters

My machine has a cutting area of 1500 x 2350, but it is an Ox design, not a Shapeoko. The rails are 2080 and the gantry 2060x2

I used 3 1500mm rails with the openrail system. I then put a strip of aluminum on the bottom. It just barely clears the bolts holding the z axis together.