So my prints are starting to come out funny wasn't sure if anyone had any ideas

So my prints are starting to come out funny wasn’t sure if anyone had any ideas this is my first layer. Also the ABS seems to be sticking to the hotend as it comes out sometimes also causing problems. It comes out and seems to curl up onto the hotend.

Pump up the temperature of your hotend and check the E steps. Seems you are extruding too less at a too low temperature.

It says its around 230C I havent tested this with another thermometer yet but will this weekend. Any recommend temp I should try then

If it’s a new nozzle and is already doing it, changes are you have a damaged tip. If it’s an older nozzle, you either damaged the tip or if the tip is fine, you might have something partially clogging your nozzle. It could also well be that you are not hot enough so the plastic isn’t flowing freely. Is that print just one layer? If so, maybe you need to get your nozzle just a hair closer to the bed.

I tried turning it up to 240C just to see what would happend and it seems to be printing better. Still has a little bit of gaps in different places but not bad. I should recheck the distance from the plate I think that is also contributing to this problem. It is a new nozzle only printed 4 things with it so far. The last 4 things worked great only really had trouble with this part.

Try 245 and try the hot bed at 130 or 135 and try to get your nozzle a little closer to the bed. That’s what fixed my issues. Also if you are striping filament turn down your stepper driver to ware if there is to much back pressure In the hot end it will skip a step, I find its better to skip a step than have to mess with re feeding the stock and cleaning the hobbed bolt.

Do you have your settings in slicer (or whatever program u use) set correctly?

To me it seems you are not printing solid layers at the bottom. I always print at least 3 solid layers to have a good base.

Ya i have 3 layers set. I did up the temp to 245 and it seems to be working better. Thanks for the tips.