So my new Ender 3 is better than anticipated.... Talk about being "on point".

(Kevin Danger Powers) #1

So my new Ender 3 is better than anticipated… Talk about being “on point”. Lol. This was printed at 60mm/s though it did slow down as the points got smaller in diameter to meet the minimum time limit. The size of this is 3/4" in all directions. Also, this was with the stock .4mm nozzel. I’m curious as to what it would do with the .2mm I have in a box.

(Doug Rector) #2

Dont drop that on the floor - looks like a great caltrop!

(Kevin Danger Powers) #3

@Doug_Rector it does kinda look like one. Lol.

(anar kissed) #4

that there is a perfect thing on which to perch a painted object for drying

(Debo DBXEntertainment) #5

I ordered for Creality Ender 3, about a week ago too. It will be my first venture into 3D printing. I have a lot of learning to do! Well done with your print job sir.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #6

@Debo_DBXEntertainmen I’ve owned a couple different printers now and the ender 3 is pretty legit for what it is.

(Debo DBXEntertainment) #7

I’ve read a lot of good reviews about it before taking the decision to purchase it. I do not have a clue yet about 3D printing and I am open for learning. Can you assist?

(Kevin Danger Powers) #8

@Debo_DBXEntertainmen watch lots of YouTube videos. Honestly though, I think the hardest part is setting up the slicing software before a print (on complicated parts). I personally use Cura. It’s free and has a lot of options. The next hardest part is getting your bed properly level. With the Ender 3 it was actually pretty easy but I’ve been printing for about 2 years now. Regardless, I got it pretty damn close on the first try, which I’ve never been able to do before. The frame of the Ender 3 is solid so you can generally print faster than cheaper printers can. If you have any questions specifically pertaining to the ender 3, let me know. Also, you’ve likely seen videos about the printer binding on the Z axis and people printing off parts to offset the motor. You DON’T have to do this. The brass block that the lead screw goes through can be angled so if it does bind, adjust that brass part so it’s perfectly perpendicular to the lead screw. Lastly, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS WHEN ASSEMBLING. There is a key part that it talks about when putting in the lead screw and if you do things in the wrong order, you’ll likely have issues with binding. Also, get some Nema 17 dampers. The printer is already kinda quiet but holy hell do the dampers make a difference… Keep in mind that you’ll have to make a custom bracket if you want to put a damper on the Z axis motor as the stock mounting system doesn’t allow for it.