So my board isn't being recognized by the BBB.

So my board isn’t being recognized by the BBB. and i can not flash the EEPROM on the replicape. Any ideas?

Can’t flash as in why? Permissions problem? We had that and had to temporarily change ownership of the NVRAM device file to debian user then Flash it.

if i try to flash the third line comes up with this error “cat: write error: Connection timed out”

i think it is a permissions problem. how would i change ownership? i’m very new to linux

That doesn’t sound like the error we had. I’m going by memory here.

sudo chown debian:debian nvmem

Then you do the:

cat Redeem???(insert EEPROM file name) > nvmem

hmmm the sudo command give this “chown: cannot access ‘nvmem’: No such file or directory” so i don’t think thats it

I left all the directory info off. You can enter it in before the nvmem or cd to the directory first. It

sudo chown debian:debian /sys/bus/i2c/devices/2-0054/at24-1/nvmem

cat Replicape.eeprom > /sys/bus/i2c/devices/2-0054/at24-1/nvmem

stilll nothing. i’m very lost now

What did that return? I assume you have the EEPROM file for the B3 to write? There is an IRC channel that a few people hangs out in. I’m not home right now so I’m answering what I remember. What error did you get doing that?

on the second command now
cat: Replicape.eeprom: No such file or directory

Did you compile that file with the EEPROM build instructions? If not I can post the file. It maybe on the bitbucket repository of the wiki. Let me check there first.

no i did not. please if you can post the file

commands to download it from the wiki then write it:

sudo -s

cat Replicape_00B3.eeprom > /sys/bus/i2c/drivers/at24/2-0054/at24-1/nvmem

yes i’ve tried to use that commands. on the third line i get this error “cat: write error: Connection timed out”

I wonder if it isn’t seeing the board at all? You do have the Replicape plugged in?

Try this command to download the eeprom image:

Then in the 2nd command from James, replace Replicape.eeprom with Replicape_00B3.eeprom

it does not. using “dmesg” it comes back with no capes attached

The above is from:

the board is plugged on the right way right? just a stupid question. The cutout should be above the ethernet jack

Good point James. Also, make sure you are providing power to the Replicape power connector. The BeagleBone power connector will not work.