So looking on removing my very loud air compressor from my air assist to

So looking on removing my very loud air compressor from my air assist to make the house happier when I am working. Was looking at anyone use something similar? Or recommenced something different?

I use a DC air pump with tubing. Can even drive it from one of the larger mosfets on the cohesion3d mini :slight_smile:

Almost the same price as airbrush compressors. Let me know how it works for you.

Speaking of… Since I pulled that one to cool my 3d printer volcano hotend :slight_smile: I need to get another one for if I ever do get my pick n place running.

@raykholo Are you using a 3d printer style turbo fan? Does it suck up the fumes and just blow them back out? Curious.

Ray. Can you show us your setup?

@Kelly_S I’m using that pump I linked above. It has tubing (let’s estimate 1.4" ID) which goes thru a cable chain and into a printed air assist head from thingiverse which is mounted around the moving optics head.

Where can u get this 1.4" ID tubing?

Missed the link sorry. Does it put out decent air flow?

Whoa. Typo. I meant 1/4" . And that was just an estimate. I think I’m using 5/32" but it’s tight so 1/4 would be good. From mcmaster.

Pretty good. I don’t have a compressor so that one does every job (pick n place suction, laser air assist, cooling the molten plastic being spat out by the monster that’s on one of my printers :slight_smile:

Nice, may try this first. Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you run that pump continuously Ray?

For the extent of the job, yes. I have a separate DC adapter for it that I plug in and unplug after the job. Ultimately, it should just get hooked up to one of the large mosfets on c3d. And those have a separate power in terminal so you can hook up a separate 12v supply for that since I wouldn’t want this additional load on the laser psu. Oh and then just set it to on and off with a start/ end gcode and a switch in the smoothie config.

And it’s a bit loud so you should make a set of foam/ rubber C shapes to mount it. Like pipe clamps or some such.

Was looking at it, and printing something to hold it with a insulator would be pretty simple. Do you have a recommended 12v supply Ray? And if you wouldn’t mind maybe sending me a PM with a picture of where you hooked it to, and what gcode to use, that would be amazing. :wink:

I use a lot of ATX supplies from before I understood how good 24v is.
For that pump, a 1-2 amp wall wart or a 6 amp power brick would be fine. The latter should be 10-12 bucks on eBay. “12v6a”

K, I was just curious. I have a much larger compressor, specifically the California Air Tools 5510SE, 120psi. I have a regulator on the laser that drops that PSI down to what I need in the laser. When the laser is running, it kicks in every 4-5 minutes to re-pressurize. And quiet. Here are two YouTube videos (NOT BY ME) that compare it against other brands:

Craftsman vs the 5510SE:

Unknown brand vs the 5510SE

The ON/OFF switch and pressure release valves are louder than the running noise level. :slight_smile:

After some digging I will just convert a atx supply into a dedicated unit. In case i want to run other stuff later on, :wink: