So just a few days ago I saw a bunch of K40 machines on

(Sean Cherven) #1

So just a few days ago I saw a bunch of K40 machines on eBay for around $385 buy it now… Now today I go back to eBay to purchase one, and the cheapest I can find is $599…

Am I going crazy, or did the price really jump up that high within just a few days?

(Ray Kholodovsky) #2

Someone said that they sold out. A factory also told me yesterday that they were swamped with orders.

(Sean Cherven) #3

I see… Any idea how long I will have to wait for? Lol

(Ray Kholodovsky) #4

Well I know historically the prices are lowest around June.

(Ned Hill) #5

I just looked on ebay and I see a bunch of new listings at $385. They all say stock available on Dec. 13th.

(Sean Cherven) #6

@Nedman Those are for Auction, I was looking for something that is Buy it Now.

(Sean Cherven) #7

Does anybody know of a place (that’s not eBay) that sells the K40 units?

(Ned Hill) #8

Ahh gotcha, your right, I don’t see any less than $585 for buy it now.

(Ned Hill) #9

Yeah the supply has historically tightened in Dec and the prices don’t drop back down until at least April. You have the Chinese New Year in feb so lots of Chinese workers on vacation.

(Stephane BUISSON) #10

Actually available in EU !
My understanding is Ebay sellers work by batch. (important to buyer is location of the good as it could be more taxes). when batch run out, only bad offer remain. Now as best offer, I notice it’s near chinese new year, so not so long to wait ;-))