So I've switched to linux Debian distro.

So I’ve switched to linux Debian distro. Kind of empowering and equally frustrating at the same time. I have determined that Chilipeppr can see a running JSON server and my USB0 port with either NodeMCU or Tiny G. However, no data can be sent or received. I have feeling it might have something to do with certs or keys? This is JSON screen shot in Verbose mode. Any suggestions?

You might have some other instance or Service running that is listening on port 8988.
netstat -anp | grep 8988
(might reveal the culprit)

Don’t worry about the certs. It will still bind to port 8988/http provided that your user permissions allow that. If not you might try running it as root or under sudo.
According to the trace sjps is not finding any open serial ports.
And as Werner says, the port is already in use. Note that you need to bail on sjps with ctrl+c not z. If you use ctrl z you need manually to kill the process after
kill -s 9 pid.

Does your user have permission to use the serial ports?

So I navigated to the directory where serial port is, executed SU command to get root permission and ran the server. Chilipeppr sees my device but when I try to check the box after adjusting the baud rate the box immediately becomes unchecked and both JSON and chilipeppr tell me the device can not be located?

You too? It did that to me with the jpadie workspace! Did someone break Chilipeppr?

So I got it, fresh system reboot, open terminal window, change directory to where JSON executable is, execute “su” root permission, then load JSON server. There must be a way to give permission to my user without executing root permission,…all in good time. By Windows!
Thank you for the help guys.

There are ways. Yes. But as sjps binds to a non privileged port it should not be be a permissions issue really.
If you have issues check the processes first. ps -A. If there is an instance of sjps in the list then take a note of its number and kill it with kill -s 9 12345. (where 12345 is the pid)

@Justin_Adie The idea that Todd had the same issue as I had makes me wonder if our situations are connected.

Possibly. Difficult to say without fully debug traces from each.

Interesting that primarily this is happening on bsd type systems.

Although I have also seen it happen on windows but that may be for ubrelated reasons.

@Justin_Adie I am running Fedora Linux

sudo ./“serialportJSONserver” works fine. Up and running with NodeMCU
It has to be a clean start for the JSON. If you loaded JSON prior to sudo permission Ctrl C to kill JSON did not work. I’m using Debian 8.

@NathanielStenzel did you get your original problem fixed. Is it a Z depth issue?

@Todd_Hewitt the problem is not fixed. The gcode is good. There may be a buffer issue or something. After that, I did not have luck even connecting to the cnc mill so I took a break for a few days.

Depending on your system adding Todd to the dialout group might do the trick “sudo adduser todd dialout”

Hence my question of if the user has permission for the serial ports. Adding the user to the dialout group should give them access to the serial and usb ports.

Sorry vut I did not think to be more clear earlier.

Reviewing your GCode. At what depth do you run into problems? What feedback from JSON or error messages do you see? or does it just keep going and how deep is the error cut?

It decided to go to about Z-25 instead of Z-10. It said it was at Z-25 but had no instruction to go that deep. I did not manage to get the debug messages from the JSON serial port server. Some think it may have been some buffering issue with the JSON serial port server. I have not gotten back to it yet.

@NathanielStenzel In one of your files you have this move down after a stated header with a Z-7 move your xy increments are cruising along and then there’s a z-10 in there? Not sure if that’s suppost to be in your code?