So, I've set anyone who's name I recognise to moderator,

So, I’ve set anyone who’s name I recognise to moderator, please add categories as you see fit but don’t go crazy(I reserve the right to delete them if they displease me, mwahhahhaha) . I’ve promoted @D_Rob to owner as his Ultislot machine is more of a close cousin of Ingentis and he’s implemented a number of improvements worth considering.

Perhaps we should add links to whatever original plans/BOM exist in the “about” section (where “Spread the word” is now)?

Yes! I am terribly time limited right now as ive just started a new job so I’m keen for people to take control of this thing so it can evolve without me constraining it.

I stuck the links up, had them all in my favourites anyway. I will leave the about text to someone else as I am useless with words!

@Tim_Rastall I’m touched. :’) lol thanks

I will be watching this thread closely. My corexy is giving me enough headaches that it will likely converted over once I get enough parts printed.

GRrr Eric. Convert to what. Your about at the top of the heap now. Whats it doing.

@Eclsnowman , that’s a shame, I just got my MISUMI frame and am finally starting up my core xy design. But my contingent design is a standard Cartesian, as I already have all the linear bearings and rails from my defunct eventorbot

@Wayne_Friedt @Eric_Moy random shelf’s on the parts. Its like a shift but not. Only on one edge of the part. Not visible in the gcode or model. It happens regardless of speed. I may try repetier firmware first to make sure it’s not corexy implementation in marlin due to the double steps needed for Cartesian to Corexy transforms. But I cannot get repetier firmware to work with my Viki LCD. All black bars on the display.

@D_Rob do ya have a writeup somewhere on your improvements?

No not yet. tearing it down for some improvements and will be replacing some extrusion. Full tear down and rebuild starts tomorrow. I plan on videoing the whole build process and then I’m going to put my vids up as an Ul-T-Slot build guide