So ive never messed with EEPROM before in my life.

So ive never messed with EEPROM before in my life. How would this help me when working with FastLED?

In my case, I use it in one of my IR enabled sketches (which has several selectable display modes) to save the starting display mode, as well as the length of the LED strand.

As an aside, each Arduino (or lantern) can have a separate ID, and I can individually control multiple lanterns with a single IR controller. The ID, however is hard coded at compile time.

So it acts kind of like a mini hard drive and stores the last pattern that was playing?

Something like that. I wrote a routine that when you press a specific button, it will save the current display mode to EEPROM.

Ive always used switch case but everytime i power it on it goes straight to the default. I may give this EEPROM thing a try

I’ve used EEPROM to store state variables and to store node IDs. Fairly easy to do once you understand how it works, what you can store in it, and how. Technically it has nothing to do with FastLED itself. But saving variable states allow you to control how a controller restores a running cycle in FastLED. In a multi-node mesh setup, storing node IDs in EEPROM will allow you to control what FastLED does on that specific node.

… i really have a lot of learning to do lol

Don’t we all?