So, I've got a buddy who says he doesn't like the Mendel90 or the

So, I’ve got a buddy who says he doesn’t like the Mendel90 or the i3 designs; he’s really got his eye set on the Printrbot Plus, which I’ve explained the problems it has. He’s got a budget of around $700 he’s looking to spend; besides those 3 printers, what else is good in that price range? I’m kinda shy about recommending a rostock; he started off with an OG printrbot that was given to him by a lab member (by OG, I mean, literally one of the first off the kickstarter line)

The only thing listed on in that pricerange that I would even consider recommending is the Reprappro Huxley (and even then, I would be reluctant).

Wait until there are some reviews on the makibox, and by then there should be some other announcements (that I can’t talk about now) as well…

I have a printrbot lc and am moving to an i3 derivative. Tell him he will never be able to print fast at a high resolution with linear rods that just hang into the void. Seriously loved it to start with but he will want to move to something else relatively soon.

Im pretty happy with mine for less than that. With your help any printer that works should be ok right?

Does the makibox design count as linear rods hanging off into the void?

I’ve been pondering my next printer and I’ve realized 90% of my prints are < 40mm high, where X wobble really isn’t a problem.

@Sanjay_Mortimer bukobot doesn’t fit in that price bracket.

And I have no idea why he doesn’t like them. I’ve tried and tried to get him to explain it, and he doesn’t know himself either.