So I've finally printed my first non-cube things,

So I’ve finally printed my first non-cube things, and they’ve turned out really well! Only thing I need to tweak is the settings to get it to fill correctly. Any ideas on the direction I need to go? Thanks!

Link to the batman print? :slight_smile:

You might want to lower your nozzle temperature. The strings seem to melt together before they can solidify. Try 185-190 degrees celsius for PLA. Also your layerheight might need some tweeking.

What infill settings you using? Have you been through the full calibration rigamarole?

Make sure you have something that visualizes the actual gcode (repetierhost works for me), so you can tell what it’s actually asking your printer to do. If the gcode looks right, then you may well need to adjust your stepper calibration and/or temperature — assuming your xyz are reasonably calibrated.

It looks like filament starving. I’d make sure your extruder isn’t skipping steps/slipping.

If your infill is set to be significantly faster than your perimeters, that could be something to look at as well. - Link to Batman print @Thomas_T_Sorensen

I got prints like this, too, when my layer height was too large (a bug in my installation made slic3r just use its default settings. you can tell what settings it used in the comments at the top of the g-code it produced).