So, I've been lurking/commenting here for a long time.

So, I’ve been lurking/commenting here for a long time.

I haven’t bothered to install laserweb, I’m not sure why. I don’t have access to a compatible machine mostly.

But for some reason tonight I got the gumption to (I’m hanging out at the makerspace doing some remote IT support, backups etc…).

I got these instructions as the first Google search result

And they worked flawlessly.

Good job on the great documentation guys. :slight_smile:

@Josh_Rhodes ​ thanks for giving it a spin :slight_smile:

+Peter van der Walt I’m just glad I finally realized all I needed to try it is a pc …

So I took this adventure a few steps further. I also recently found out about bCNC, so I installed that (also from Github) their documentation is not NEARLY as good.

Then I dragged out the old Shapeoko and tried bCNC out. Seems to work good.

Then I tried the CAM functions on LaserWeb, it reported to me that I needed a newer version of grbl. So I read some documentation and figured out how to load/compile/upload the newest grbl version to our arduino.

Took a few tries but I got it.

Then I finally get into using LaserWeb with the shapeoko.

But it’s going about an inch when I asked for a cm… so I dig into some more documentation. They don’t have parameters documented for grbl 1.1 but I found a document saying they were virtually the same as 0.9. So I loaded a chart with the 0.9 shapeoko parameters for grbl.

Now a cm (looks like) a cm…

But the X is flip flopped…

How do I fix that?

+Peter van der Walt I just was excited to see something better than Universal Gcode Sender had come out that would work with linux and grbl.

I gave it a try, and it’s easier to type the grbl commands into.

I managed to setup the invert masks the right way, we are ready to go now…

I just put in an order for some screws. Once they come in I should be able to get my cnc working (hopefully).

Well, it was working last time I tried it but I ordered the screws so I can finish an upgrade. I 3d printed bearing holders and rod holders and bought bearings and 8mm rod. (mine is based on this old design

Here’s a pic from 9yrs ago

Maybe I can turn having that machine into some work…
Maybe I can turn some work into a shed to work from…