So, it's finally printing! Ran into some issues with the extruder calibration.

So, it’s finally printing! Ran into some issues with the extruder calibration. Thought I had done it right and got 222 steps/mm. Turns out this was way off, causing the extruder to skip steps and allowing the filament to retract suddenly. Did a bit of math, figured out I was off, and then re-calibrated correctly (This time, not actually pushing the plastic through the hotend). Working beautifully now at 189steps/mm.

Big thanks to @Eclsnowman and @Jason_Smith for their work on the Eustathious design, and thanks to everyone who helped me out on my other posts.

That would actually be a good idea. It would be a great place to record my “adventure”, so other people can learn from it.

Hmmm. Wished I knew what the cool kids were using for database backed websites, I have the perfect domain name ( but haven’t made a db based website in YEARS.

Congrats. This looks great! I think I may copy your design using 2 separate pieces of plexi for the bottom. Awesome work.

I made it 2 pieces to fit it in the laser cutter at school. I accidentally cut the holes for the belts in the rear one too small (Same size as the front) and the belts rub ever so slightly. I have some teflon tape over it, so all is good. I’m going to be printing an entire replacement set of plastic parts, so I may replace the X and Y motor mounts with a slight modification to keep the belts from touching the acrylic.

I like the lmuu bearing carriage version you used. They can be noisier… But I feel they handle misalignment better than the sliding bushings.