So I'm trying to neaten up my code a bit(a lot),

So I’m trying to neaten up my code a bit(a lot), and start splitting effects off into their own files, in prep for setting up a github.

I’m used to everything just being stuffed into a single file, and I’m not really a C++ programmer - so any guidance on properly splitting this stuff up would be awesome. It seems a lot more complicated than just “copy code into new file, include file” (php style)

Take a look at how I’ve done it in BikeBlinder:

It’s a relatively straightforward “intermediate” level of code organisation. I’m still running everything off the Arduino IDE, but each effect is its own class.

heh, I guess I’ve got to start using classes, too! :V

Classes … the bane of my existence.

This could be the message thread I need to clean up my act as well. Again, lots of (awesome) effects in a single file. . .

I have tons of effects in a single file, but they’re all functions, not classes. And I need to convert them all to classes, or at least the majority of them that can take advantage of being a class versus a function.

Good simple organization, thanks for the model.

PS: Not sure your ocean effect group is called, check your for loop bounds.

No problem, @Zeph_Smith . You might be right about that not being called in the final “mix”, there are a couple of ugly bits in there that I’m holding my nose about and calling “done” just for the sake of it (art is never finished, only abandoned, etc.) That whole repo is a step on the way to the ultimate destination that is Technocolour Dreamcoat 2014 codebase that I haven’t put up yet.