So Im trying this new approach, Design a million times, print once ahah,

So Im trying this new approach, Design a million times, print once ahah, to avoid the 8 prototype chassis, 2 sets of rims multiple top braces ordeal that I had previously.

Decided to make my own a-arms for two reasons:

  1. adjustable camber (stance nation obv)…
  2. Ball diff is wider than stock diff by ~3 mm’s so adjustable length arms will keep my track width the same, but allow for the bigger diff.

Still not 100% sure on the ball diff design. Its very common that the belt sits on left or right side of the diff housing, to allow for the center pulley to accommodate both belts ie, rear belt on left, front belt on right.

So I will most likely be changing that, I also think I’m going to need a tightening screw in my diff, Im skeptical about the pressure being enough.

Anyway here is what I have so far…


Is that done using Google SketchUp? Looking very nice.

@Jotham_B Yes it is. Im currently printing all the files, and updating them as I go along. Once its all printed and fitted together, I will release the files online.

Well done on making it so far with Google SketchUp! I started using Google SketchUp but shortly switch to solidworks (because it is taught at uni) but mainly I found it impossible to create any sort of complex geometries with it. I found it very difficult to reliably edit features I created a few steps back. It’s great to start learning on but if you’re looking to switch SolidWorks or Fusion 360 are very powerful substitutes.

@Jotham_B I also have solidworks though school, but I’ve been using sketchup for so long that designing in it is second nature. After I finish this project, Im going to start learning how to use fusion360 (which I also have) or solidworks.

Nice maybe start using Fusion 360 because once you start with SolidWorks it takes effort to switch and you have to keep using pirated versions eep unless you can get a licence copy.

Wow that looks very nice much better than I ever could do with Google SketchUp!

@Jotham_B I have a licensed copy of solidworks, but thanks! Its taken quite a few hours to get it to this phase.

Awesome! Clever design for workable RC car !!!

@64464198b3a6f53ef472 Thank you, Im slowly printing out peices. Ill post some photos when I have significant progress