So I'm trying out Cura (coming from Slic3r) and generally speaking I like it,

So I’m trying out Cura (coming from Slic3r) and generally speaking I like it, but I have a few hang-ups. The big one is what to do with this “wall thickness” setting?

It also seems to ignore first-layer speed settings for perimeters, and also my request to run the fan all the time, but the one that is giving me poor output is primarily wall thickness.

Is there a way to calculate the value for this, or a way to emulate whatever Slic3r does (I was satisfied with those results)?

Expert settings, under cool, set fan on layer 0,
Shell thickness is the wall settings, keep it a multitude of your nozzle size. Havent used slic3r, so cant help you there.

I’ve always kind of held issue with setting “wall thickness” or “shell thickness” as well, instead of just number of perimeters. - Basically as I understand it, you just want to keep it a multiple of your nozzle width.

Thanks guys. I guess I’ll just experiment with wall thickness until it looks right :slight_smile:

If you open some Slic3r gcode files you can see what wall thickness Slic3r use for you’re nozzle and layer height.

I did install Cura 13.06 last night because I was curious, and it is impressive. The different 3D preview modes are very cool. Was baffled by the wall thickness setting too!

Ps. Cura 13.10 was released yesterday afternoon.

LOL, I must have downloaded it just before 13.10 was uploaded! (might have been Saturday rather than yesterday) Thanks for the heads up.

I haven’t found how to change the infill pattern. Is it even possible?

I have the same question @Normand_Chamberland :slight_smile: