So I'm messing with my raspberry pi and I'm at the store and I

(Brett Hansen) #1

So I’m messing with my raspberry pi and I’m at the store and I see a beaglebone black. Other then speed is it a lot better? should I pick one up?

(Daniel Garcia) #2

Not that this should sway you one way or the other, doubly so given how behind I am on platform and chipset support, but the beaglebone black is far higher up on the FastLED “add to supported platforms” list than the rPi. Just saying :slight_smile:

(Brett Hansen) #3

Yeah that will sway me haha I’d like to have fastled hooked up someday to a home automation system for hall lights and such :slight_smile:

(James Carruthers) #4

This might be a silly question, but I’ll ask anyway— what kind of horsepower would a BBB have over a Teensy 3.1? I know clearly the processor is much much quicker, but does that translate directly with all the stuff on top?

(Daniel Garcia) #5

With the BBB, it’s not just about horsepower (though, 1Ghz over 96Mhz…), it’s also about the chip itself (A-class Arm vs. Cortex-M*), the dedicated gpio processors (completely offload FastLED’s scaling/dithering/color correction, for example), and most importantly for those doing graphics work - a GPU :slight_smile:

(Ryan Clough) #6

BBB support for fastLED would be so sick

(Brett Hansen) #7

i ended up not getting it yet but i will get one just didnt have much extra cash at the time haha thanks for the answers tho