So I'm incredibly close to finishing my delta 3d printer,

So I’m incredibly close to finishing my delta 3d printer, but I am having a hard time getting my PLA to stick to my build platform. It’s covered in painter’s tape, and the actual platform is a sheet of metal on wood. Any tips?

Make sure your E steps are calibrated properly, as is your filament diameter. Too much or too little extruding make sticking tough.

Other than that, it’s jut leveling and getting the nozzle close with PLA. It sticks to painter’s tape really well.

I print directly on glass with PLA and ABS. Do you have a heated bed

@Ross_Hendrickson Unfortunately I don’t. I’ve heard of hairspray working. May give that one a try.

some people have had success with hairspray

Glass heated bed + aquanet


I never had trouble getting pla to stick to blue painter’s tape. Try to make sure that your extruder is the right height above the surface, and that it’s hot enough.

@Michael_Hohensee How hot is hot thought? I’ve done 200 and 185, but I’ve heard of going hotter. Thoughts?

Try the PVA or Elmers (wood)-glue mixed with water. Works like a charm!

I’m printing at 187 celcius for the hotend and 60 to 65 degrees celcius for the bed.

Be carefull though. If you use the elmers glue and you apply multuple layers (is not nescesairy) and you use a hotbed. The glue can get very hard and hard to take off the glass. You’d better remove the leftovers when just finished printing. A little acetone Will remove a thin coating of glue.

Does it fail to stick at all, or does it peel off a little way into the print? If the former, that’s pretty weird. Try going closer to the surface, or maybe try a different brand of blue tape? If the latter, then maybe the temperature gradient is too high, and you need a slightly heated bed.

@Michael_Hohensee Right now I’m just trying to get the first layer to stick. I’m considering the glue idea, but I’ll have to wait a few days before I can get back to working on my printer

I should also mention that I use a fresh piece of tape for each print. I know that some people like to reuse their tape, though… If your tape is dirty, you also could try replacing it