So, im having lots of troubles with quality prints,

So, im having lots of troubles with quality prints, they only way to get decent looking prints is printing slow (30mm/s). Is there any general rule about printer calibration that can allow me to go faster (like 50mm/s) without loosing much quality?. Its an i3, with an arcol hotend, slic3r, printing abs.

Faster prints make it more important that things are properly tightened, aligned, and smooth. You probably also want to go slower on your outer perimeters (for instance, I do inner perimeters at 200mm/s, but the outermost perimeter at only 80mm/s).

and external perimeters first?.

I will assemble another i3 and im convincing myself to me methodical and take my time to do things properly.

I do internal perimeters first. External first can produce better dimensional accuracy of surfaces, but internal first produces better overhangs.

cool tip, im having issues with some overhangs and corners.


Slower external perimeters and internal perimeters first should both help with those issues.