So I'm having issues with my wades extruder chewing up my filament and I'm

So I’m having issues with my wades extruder chewing up my filament and I’m about tired of this damned extruder it’s costing me big prints. I upgraded the hobbed bolt to a hyena sold by arcol it’s great it doesn’t chew through the filament as much as my last one did.

I’ve tried various tensions on the tensioner but it always chews through at some point. (Usually on long big prints)

So my question is what extruder is the most reliable? Bowden, direct drive? I’m up to all suggestions I need a reliable extruder quick.

I use 3mm ABS and I’m pretty stocked on it.

I turned the e stepper carrier down a bit to see if I an get it to skip a step instead of strip the feedstock. Ill let you know how that works.

What hot end are you using? ABS has a quite low internal friction when being extruded so likely it’s something further down or higher up.

J-head IV MKV-b

3mm ABS should slide through that without issue basically; what nozzle size, and have you checked for debris in the hot end?

It’s a .35 nozzle yes I just cleaned it out about 2 days ago. I think turning the stepper carrier down has helped. I’m doing a large print now and will see be checking on it every so often for gunk in the hyena bolt. But for now it seems fine… We will see…

could try printing a little slower?

It looks like the filament is getting coughs between the m8 rod and the smooth part if the hyena … How I dot know there’s plenty of tension on it that it should not he able to jump.

Ok I think I may have fixed it i saved the print (guessed the right layer to resume printing at) I have some high density foam that I put on the side of the filament that it likes to bend towards and jump track. I trimmed the stepper carrier to the point that just a little back pressure will cause it to skip. We will see how that works.