So, I'm having a hell of a time getting the 8-pin molex connector to

So, I’m having a hell of a time getting the 8-pin molex connector to work. I’ve crimped the wires into the pins, but now I can’t get the pins into the plastic connectors. It’s like the don’t fit or are for the wrong connector. I’m almost certain I got the right ones from digikey, the ones specified on the BOM. any thoughts or ideas?

I can only tell you that i’m on a personal war with Molex connectors. I’ve purchased also the ones from the BOM but i was giving up quite quickly and swapped them out for Sub-D (15pin btw but could have been the 9 pin too).

Can you post photos? They should be snug but nothing extream.

I don’t think pics would really explain anything. Crimp pins just straight-up don’t fit in the connector.

I’m looking at some alternatives. I’m hoping there might be something I won’t have to crimp at all, just solder the wires onto existing leads.

I found them quite fiddly. Make sure that the part you crimp together isn’t too large - that’s a problem I had with the thicker wires I used for the heater. Make sure you have the orientation correct and also the pins are not bent.

To be honest I never crimped mine. I got a 8 pin molex extender cable from microcenter, cut it in the middle, and soldered both ends. The extender cable was like 3 bucks. But I tried to do the right thing and have people not solder on a cable that requires strain relief. Guess I maybe goofed? Or did some people make it work per the BOM?

Ah, okay. That was my fall-back plan. I’m going to look into that.

Personally I gave up on the connector and wired it all the way down to the X5 mini. Kind of a pain when you need to swap something out or unhook but it works.

Just an FYI, there are two versions of the carriage. One is for standard 8 pin molex, the other is for microFIT molex which is smaller and has a smaller recess in the body of the carriage.

I ended up getting them to work after a couple of attempts. The molex pins have a very specific orientation in the plastic parts. If you get it wrong they don’t line up correctly or don’t hold in properly. I honestly hate the things and will be looking for an alternative sometime.

Weird my standard 8 pin molex has held up great. Zero issues. Maybe I should ditch the micro version.

Once you get them right they seem to work fine and are sturdy, it’s just getting the orientation of the pins into the housing right is the trick.

I bought it, tried it manually and failed horribly.