So I'm going to print a second printer and I'm having a hard time

So I’m going to print a second printer and I’m having a hard time deciding which way to go. My primary goal is to build a second printer that’s more portable than my Prusa and PLA-only capability is fine. Ideally it would use 1.75 filament (since that’s what I run on the Prusa) but it’s not a requirement. I’d like something that I can build in true Reprap fashion, by printing or sourcing locally most of the parts.

On one hand I’m tempted to print another Prusa since I know the most about it, but it’s not the most portable design and one thing I’d like to do with the new printer is use it to demo the tech at schools, libraries, etc.

Also what fun is it if you know what you’re doing? :wink:

I’m considering the Tantillus, I like the design and that it’s a proper Reprap, but there doesn’t seem to be too large of a user base so I’m concerned about the long-term viability of the choice. That and I’d be really tempted to go with the printed case and I’m afraid I’m just going to waste a lot of plastic screwing that up.

The Huxley seems like a natural choice, but I don’t hear much about it so I get the impression that there’s not too many of them out there for some reason, but maybe I’ve just got the wrong impression?

I also really like the foldability of the Printrbot Jr. but I do want something I can print myself, and I’m not sure how the Jr.'s design would work without being mostly lasercut wood.

I’m sure there’s others I’m overlooking, so any suggestions are welcome.

Printable Tantillus?

Yeah, the printable parts are in the github repo:

I have the e-maker huxley and I must say an excellent piece of equipment it worked straight out of the box as it were, bear in mind it was a kit!

The Mendel’s worked reasonably well for us, and is fairly easy to stretch to a somewhat larger build area.

Prusa i3. Its foldable too, and way better than Prusa

Interesting, I didn’t know the i3 was foldable…hmm…

Yea. You loosen two nuts and the Y frame can then be taken off the XZ board.

I am happy with my eMAKER Huxley, now

I’ll have to read up on that one @Vaclav_Hula .

Cool, @Jan_Wildeboer how does the Huxley handle being hauled around? It’s attractive to me since I already have some experience with the triangle-of-threaded-rod machines but I need something that will tolerate being moved a lot.

I have a wooden box to carry it around. I have also added a display etc so it is completely independent. I only have to calibrate the print plate a bit and the z axis endstop and print away. The eMAKER version of the Huxley consists of a small amount of parts, is completely open (all parts are on github) and is robust. I like it :slight_smile:

Why not a Rostock or Kossel? Nothing says “locally sourced” like building a frame out of plywood.

I considered the Rostock but it didn’t seem particularly portable, maybe a mini version?

After building two Prusas I made a Printrbot because I wanted something smaller and more portable.

Later I’ve built a Prusa i3 and I think it is a good compromise: not very small but easy to transport and it can print 250mm tall objects (once you separate the two pieces of the inverted T).

@Simon_Day pointed me to a mini Prusa i3 earlier: maybe that’s what you need?

I have a Huxley and a Prusa i1 (soon to be i3) and can’t recommend the Huxley enough! It is a lovely machine, ideal size bed (never really needed any bigger) and the whole Bowden system works perfect and make the printer a lot smoother and quieter! In my eyes the only thing that could make the Huxley better would be to make it flat pack-able for transport. The Prusa i3 (and now the mini i3) frame would be perfect for flat pack, or you could go the folding route

If foldability is what you want, you can go for foldarap too:

Very cool @Alex_Fielder , I’ll check the mini i3 out. Also good to hear from the Huxley constituents, I have to admit that it seems like it would be easier for me to that route since it at least looks like something I’m familiar with :slight_smile: