So I'm going to be adding a heated bed to some printer.

So I’m going to be adding a heated bed to some printer. It’s a 6x6 from Printrbot. I’m currently using a 12v 6a laptop style and want to switch to another of a higher amperage but still laptop style. What current do you guys suggest that I need? I don’t want to go overkill like 40 amps but I want to keep it reasonable.

I think the PCB heat bed from Printrbot is only 50W and struggled to maintain 100C on the simple I had–maybe something with more power?

Many people have used a Xbox 360 Power supply and u can get them cheap used

Have you already bought the heated bed? If not a 110/230V silicone heat bed with an SSR would be a good option. Works really well in my case and you don’t need a new PSU. I always had problems with the connectors with my 24V heat bed. It does not make sense to use 12/24V for high loads like heated beds–currents get too high.

We recommend an ATX to power the heated bed.

It is one of the green beds from Printrbot. I got it in the starter kit and have just been sitting it aside. If it’s only about 50w that’s fine because I have zero intent to print abs, but am getting tired of my pla prints warping.