So, I'm doing my usual "let's improve the smoothie wiki" thing, and I notice :

So, I’m doing my usual “let’s improve the smoothie wiki” thing, and I notice : doesn’t have an Extruder section !!

How have people been setting up their extruders all these years ? What is going on ?!?

It’s weird I forgot, but even weirder nobody pointed it out … Is that thing about “nobody reads the documentation” really true ? Am I doing it all for nothing ? What is the meaning of life !?!

I read through the stuff I don’t know. Like the bed level stuff. Or how Delta arms measurements are entered. I have read more of it buts thats just a few. Its good content and nice to have it localized on your page rather then a wiki somewhere else.

@Alex_Hayden That makes sense. Note you really should read all of the guide, there is information in there that will help you make sure you do not destroy your board or your machine :slight_smile:

We don’t use extrudes.
You just cable tie on a wizard’s wand to the carriage and positionally aware magic spells forms the final result. nods

@Electra_Flarefire Finally somebody figured out how to 3D print metal ! Magic can do anything, so it can print metal. Problem solved ! You are a genius

You know @Arthur_Wolf ​, even with everything here… I’m gonna have a few questions… Grrr. Great wiki work though. Thank you.

@Arthur_Wolf ​ I did almost, but that was my lack of attention. Wired one switch vcc to ground. Almost fried the board. I killed the power as soon as I saw the magic smoke. Everything still works.

I think once you get to the extruder part in the configuration file, you’ve learned enough to know how to enter those numbers?

I spent hours reading the wiki when I set up my first printer. For the extruder and specifically calibration if it I turned to the reprap wiki though.

@Jeff_DeMaagd It’d make sense that config is enough. Well, added an extruder section anyway …

@Thomas_Balu_Walter ^^

@Arthur_Wolf … there is so much to read and learn … and sometimes it’s easier to look at someone else his config file