So I'm doing heavy modifications to my simple metal,

(Matthew Del Rosso) #1

So I’m doing heavy modifications to my simple metal, one of which being an lcd+main board enclosure. For now I’m using a model I downloaded from thingiverse, and everything fits, but its super tight. I added a fan as there is no way this is getting naturally ventilated, but I was wondering if anyone has had experience with ramps boards and how much air they need. Thanks

EDIT: I also have noticed that when I go to control the axis through the lcd it works fine, but when I home it goes 1 cm the wrong way and stops. Any ideas?

(Daniel Kruger) #2

The control is reading that end stop as activated and is trying to move off it before the slow second activation. Best guess.

(Joe Walters) #3

The amount of cooling needed depends on how you have things set up. For example if you don’t tune your vref on the stepper driver it can run hot on just simple moves. If everything is connected right, and vref is tuned, it doesn’t get excessively hot most of the time. In all honesty I have always run at least 1 40mm fan on any enclosure I have used.
If you want a larger case for your ramps board check out my design below.
Ramps Box found on #Thingiverse

(Joe Walters) #4

What are you planning for modifications? I grabbed a simple metal a couple months back for $50 and added a pei sheet to it, but that killed the prox sensors ability to detect the bed without being below the nozzle. I designed a bltouch mount for it, but I haven’t had time to see if I could use it with the Printrboard, or found any info on whether others were able to add one.

(Matthew Del Rosso) #5

@Joe_Walters a quite a bit really. Extended x axis, e3dv6 hotend, prometheus system, and lcd screen. Right know I’m trying to get a good board that handles 24v in which I can pick the drivers with 5 stepper support. It’s proving difficult to find.

(Joe Walters) #6

With some minor mods, ramps can support 24v. Tbh I am looking for an affordable ramps alternative as well.

(Matthew Del Rosso) #7

@Joe_Walters ya I’m noticing it goes 1-100 really fast with these boards. Ramps around 40 bucks then aztegg x3 for like $130

(Joe Walters) #8

I bought a ReArm board to use for my delta printer, but it still uses a ramps board with it. I haven’t had time to test it yet, but honestly i’m thinking of either waiting for Marlin 2 to be ready or going with klipper since I have some Pi’s laying around.