So I'm building 10 or so Bukobots over the next two weeks.

So I’m building 10 or so Bukobots over the next two weeks. Yay!

Got just about everything except for power supplies. I’d rather not order from China and I’m curious if you all have an alternative solutions to powering your machines.

I’ve heard you can use a computer power supply, is that true? We got a ton of those.

A cat in a box is essential to any printer build. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

I have always been using computer power supplies. Power rating might be important if you intend these machines to print ABS because the heated bed draws a lot, otherwise - a PLA printing machine workes perfectly well with a 300W power supply. No need to worry about the 5V line, just put a switch on the Power On pin (light green wire, close to mid-connector, short to any black wire to turn PS on). 12 V is all yours, and maybe 5V as well if you want a large fan running slowly. You can always occupy the 5V line with LEDs if you make your lights yourself and calculate the resistors right.

These machines will not have heated beds (yet) so that’s good news! We use Panucatt Azteeg3 boards so if you got a recommendation of setup, the help would be appreciated.

You are going to find that nearly all PSUs come from China or Taiwan. That’s where electronics come from these days. There are varying degrees of quality though. I’ve been using Meanwell from the TRC in the US on the higher end machines and on the entry level machines I found a good supplier in the markets in Shenzhen branded Smun with the quality good for the price.

You can use a computer PSU though I’ve found that using an industrial style box PSU is easier to integrate and offers a better value for the money and is a cleaner package.

I use Meanwell also. They’re a good quality supply. I think they’re made in Taiwan vs mainland China, but that might have changed recently. I’ve used them personally and in business in extreme conditions and out of hundreds have only had a couple of failures over 7-8 years we’ve been using them. They all hold their voltage @ full load as well. I’m sure there are others out there but this is just my experience.

Double check on the PC PSU thing, I’ve heard you need to put a small load on the 5v line for them to regulate the 12v properly at higher currents.

Meanwell are made in Taiwan. The plant also makes some other supplies, some being lower end. They are more expensive but I think it’s a better value.

Printrbot has used atx and desktop (laptop) psus for 3 years now.

I think ATX-PSUs should work fine, if you build the right cable and if you don’t need 24V.
I don’t know if thy are too expensive, but laptop power supplies also seem a good solution.