So I'd like to print a "draft"-quality print to test out the printability of

So I’d like to print a “draft”-quality print to test out the printability of a model and I’m wondering what you all recommend slicing-wise when the objective is reducing print time and optionally material consumption?

I figure a larger layer height (the max would be the nozzle diameter, correct?), lower infil and possibly cranking up the shell/infill speeds, but any recommendations/warnings are appreciated :slight_smile:

Details: I’m using Slic3r & Marlin with a (modified) MakerGear Prusa + Jhead, .35 nozzle and 1.75 PLA filament.

I don’t know what I would bother with any of that, Jason. If I wanted to verify printability, and reduce print time, the simplest solution is simply to shrink the print - obviously, there is a limit beyond which you won’t have verified anything, but as long as your smallest details remain discernable, a smaller print will generally use substantially less material (remember, on a solid print material scales as the cube of the scalar multiplier; hollow prints reduce this, but it is still exponential) and print much faster.

The max would be less than the nozzle diameter. On my .5mm nozzle I don’t go above .4mm layer. You can also raise the speed and reduce the fill, and no extra shells.

Max layer height should always be <80% of nozzle diameter.

@ThantiK How did you come by that figure? Is it on a blog anywhere?

@Alex_Fielder This might help show you why it has to be less. I have no evidence for the 80% Anthony stated.