So I won't lie.

(ThantiK) #1

So I won’t lie. The output looks like a pile of crap - but they look like they might manage to pull it off. I mean, what do you expect for a $100 3D printer anyways?

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Big news… The Peachy Printer Kit V1.0 is here! Check out the video to see what it’s all about.

(Matthew Carter) #2

I’ll probably get one after they do more work on the accuracy. Cheap enough to give 3d printing a go.

(Richard Horne) #3

With all the many issues associated with audio line level output to control the galvo’s I always wanted the result to be adding a ~$2 ARM USB micro and a few more electronics to make it so much more straightforward - not so ‘clever’, but so much less of a pig to get setup and with digital control via USB you may get better print results too.

But regardless, I am so pleased they have it released. Things will only improve I’m sure.