So, I was "stuck" on a diving boat with no cell or internet for

(Marc MERLIN) #1

So, I was “stuck” on a diving boat with no cell or internet for a week.
This gave me time to followup on @Yves_BAZIN s suggestion and look at the Aurora pattern demos from @Jason_Coon
Took me a little while to port them away from SmartMatrix to FastLED::NeoMatrix, but I got most of them to work (well, they all display stuff, but a few have broken display I think).
I kept my 12 favourite ones, and they’ve now been added to my shirt :slight_smile:
For everyone else to enjoy, you can find them here:

In _baddisplay, you will find code that I believe is broken, potentially by me. If you can fix it, send patches :slight_smile:

In _notmytaste, you will find code that works fine but that I don’t like as much.

Sorry, it’s low res, I’m still on said diving boat, just happen to have cell reception again, but had to downres from 4K to 480p

(Marc MERLIN) #2

@Jason_Coon if in your copious spare time :), you can have a look at the demos that look broken, and let me know if you find an obvious reason in the code, or whether it may be something else like maybe my matrix size not being supported and causing the demo to look wrong, that would be greatly appreciated

(Marc Miller) #3

Good stuff. :slight_smile:

(Jason Coon) #4

Awesome! Sorry, haven’t had any time for personal LED side projects lately. There are 64x64 branches in the Aurora repo where every pattern should dynamically adjust to different sizes fairly well, within reasonable limits. :slight_smile:

(Marc MERLIN) #5

@Jason_Coon most patterns did adapt just fine. Only about 5 of them look broken and I’m not sure if it’s my screen size or the code that’s broken for me.
Maybe @Mark_Estes can try my branch on his 64x64 table and see how it works for him. Some would look very nice on his table :slight_smile:

(Mike Clifford) #6

Cool to see another diver here. On a liveaboard I’m guessing? Where at? (Diving is one of my passions – I try to take a long dive trip at least once a year.)

Oh yea, and I’m excited to try out these patterns when I can find a minute to spare - thanks for porting them over.

(Marc MERLIN) #7

@Mike_Clifford A bit off topic, but good guess :slight_smile:
(more at )
Cheers :slight_smile:

(Mike Clifford) #8

@Marc_MERLIN I’ll go off topic for diving any time! It looks like we have been many of the same places!

(Marc MERLIN) #9

It’s more for the benefit of others who couldn’t care less :slight_smile: But back on topic, the dive boat was using LED strips to light up at night, sadly they were boring single color non addressable ones.
On the flipside, I noticed how several died, which didn’t impact the strip of course. Sea water, even in the air, is pretty destructive long term.

(Marc MERLIN) #10

@Jason_Coon if you care, I fixed aurora a bit to work with matrices bigger than 32x32 (mine is now 64x64). Very minor stuff:

Obviously it doesn’t matter for your device, and if I’ve become the canonical location for running aurora on arbitrary matrices, then it doesn’t matter to you at all :slight_smile: