So I was just on Aliexpress for the first time and this just seems

(Patrik Nefuek) #1

So I was just on Aliexpress for the first time and this just seems too ridiculously cheap. Before, I alwas bought from ebay and I never found any strip for under 20€/m w/ 30-60LEDS. Anyone had some experience with Aliexpress? Also just from the pictures this strip seems a little different to the one I have in that the WS2812 only has 4 connections on the strip instead of 6. Still amazed by that price point.

(James Carruthers) #2

Patrik — the 4 vs 6 is the newer B variant of the WS LEDs

I’ve recently bought some strips from Aliexpress — I highly recommend you seek out World Semi — they are brill to deal with and I got all my stuff safely. WS = World Semi so who better to buy from?


EDIT: I meant Aliexpress not eBay!

(Zeke Koch) #3

$8-$12 per meter is a fair price.

(Stefan Petrick) #4

Wow, for the last ones I bought on ebay I payed 30€/m for the 144 led model (was it one year ago?). edit: Ah, you are talking about 60leds/m. Anyway, good price.

(Mike Thornbury) #5

And those are bare led strips - no silicone shield. The WorldSemi price list has ad-hoc pricing for the WS2812B in 60s at $11/M.

(James Carruthers) #6

They threw in the silicon for free on mine - as I had ordered them by mistake without. Presume it’s cheap. Worth getting even if you don’t need the waterproofing — good protection.

(Patrik Nefuek) #7

I wanted to get some with the waterproof silicone. Btw, can you buy these separately? If so, what would I have to search for?

(Robert Atkins) #8

Lots of people report success buying direct from World Semi; I do my orders from Ray Wu on Aliexpress and find him reliable and cheap. The bonus ordering from him is that he stocks other stuff like power supplies and JST connector pairs and whatnot. Only pay one lot of shipping. Bear in mind you probably will get stung for VAT on the way in to Europe.

(James Carruthers) #9

My order from Ray avoided charges - at least I haven’t been sent anything by DHL yet

(Robert Atkins) #10

Yeah, just wait. They all ways get me in the end (here in the Netherlands at least.)

(Most annoying thing is the DHL delivery driver collects the tax. And they only take cash, and don’t give change. So I have to come up with €67.83 or something on the spot)

(Patrik Nefuek) #11

I have yet to come across any VAT payments for my orders from China or Hongkong. Or maybe ebay already handled that. But than again its “only” 19% here in germany. If I buy those from Aliepress i’d be saving anyway.

(Avro Nelson) #12

I recently got some lights from Ray Wu on aliexpress and have been quite happy with them.

(Mike Thornbury) #13

@Patrik_Nefuek ‘only 19%’ scares the heck out of me… :slight_smile: