So I was 2 hours into a job and I did a m6 and

So I was 2 hours into a job and I did a m6 and commanded a all motors energize with the on screen display… I went to start a tool change and ended up moving my axis’ because the motors de-energized I tried once again to energize and it times out after the allotted time I have set up in my parameters… Any suggestions on what I did wrong?

Tinyg or grbl?

Tiny g

Yeah, there’s a power management mode for the motors in settings.

My choice is “powered in cycle” and that should be fine until an end of program (M30 I think) is called.
Also look into the timeout.

I have that as my power management setting. The program calls for M0 which is an optional program stop… I have refreshed my browser cleared que multiple times still running into the issue I’ve never had this problem before… But this is the first program that I have commanded an M6 all my other programs are split up by different tools and I do them in their own gcode file and reference the same Z coord for that offset. Every other time I energize the motors and they stay energized

Sounds like it’s time for some homing switches. What I used to do is move the machine to the front left by hand all the way then turn it on. Then make all my gcode run from that as the 0 position.

@Alex_Krause Set $mt=11 seconds. By experiment, I found this same issue and noticed that the CP widget actually resent the Motor energize command every 10 seconds - it was probably created by someone who had $mt=10 secs. See if that works for you. This observation is logged as a potential bug here

As an alternative, you could manually send $me=(long time in seconds). Then $md to release them (or from the tinyG widget)