So I see someone at S3D has a sense of humor.

So I see someone at S3D has a sense of humor.

I printed this part I’d made that has about half of a sphere on top. I’d printed face down with supports. Imagine the surprise I had when I’d lifted it off the print bed, turned over, and had the smiley face staring at me!?

What looks like ears are actually screw posts and are supposed to be there. I can’t account for the smiley though : )

My kids say it’s a sign (of what I’m not sure of), but they don’t want me to pull the supports out.

Quality. Its like putting pictures on microchip die’s. I like it.

Your printer is happy!

Lol. Nice. Send them this picture.

I have to admit, I got as far as grabbing the supports with my needle nose pliers to start breaking it out but just couldn’t do it with that face staring at me…ugh. Maybe this one will live another day while I print another one.

Pardon him

Give/send a clip of 3D

Turn the model 45 degrees on the bed on the z axis and print it again. Same settings. If the smiley comes again than put a sign outside and charge ppl $20 to see it!