So I own a Traxxas Aton and while it's a decent drone and the

So I own a Traxxas Aton and while it’s a decent drone and the GoPro is fun in all, I wanted to give the FPV a shot. I recently purchased these goggles and was hoping to get some help picking out a camera system. The picture with the camera and antenna on it was something I was thinking about. The plug is what the drone has available for power. I’ve seen some all in one systems that only require a single plug that would fit into this one. That seems fine but then there are different ratings that are generally between 25mv and 200mv. I’m not really sure what’s better. My drone can fly up to about 1000ft on a good day and I’d really like something with low latency as I like to fly it really fast. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

Not sure how much help I will be, haven’t flown in a year… The 25mv transmitter will only get you a couple hundred feet before the breakup in signal will be unbearable.
I loved my runcam2 camera. It has decent quality, which is the best you will get from a fpv camera to reduce latency.
You will want to know the voltage output on that wire harness you picture. I assume it’s 5v, but you never know. Just make sure you have the voltage requirements for your camera and video TX.

@Nate_Taylor ok, thanks. I’ll grab my votage tester.