So... I need to make my mind:

So… I need to make my mind:

Print robot metal plus or so lid noodle 4??

Any advice will b greatly appreciated


If you’re new, I’d certainly go with the Printrbot Metal Plus. Brook is a big part of this community, even going so far as to help people with printers other than Printrbots out with their problems when they have them. He’s a genuine maker/hacker and I don’t think the success of his company has swayed that other than him being a much busier man than he was prior.

Every time I’ve looked for documentation, or knowledge on printrbot subject matter, I’ve been able to find it right there in black and white on the printrbot home page. The community is great, and so are all of their printers.

@ThantiK mmm… So I guess print robot it is!:slight_smile: thanks for then advice my good man!!:slight_smile:

Check in with @Dat_Chu , I think he just assembled one and he could tell you how he likes it.

@Bruce_Lunde thanks Bruce, I did notice a post from m @Dat_Chu , where he says he likes it so far… More likely I will go for the printerbot plus… I’m just waiting for makerbot to refund my money… :frowning:

Metal is great. Metal plus is likely better still. Solidoodle 4 seems to be as good or worse than metal simple. I vote metal plus.

@Dat_Chu printrbot metal plus it is!! I should of made more research before buying the makerbot…

Printrbot. My original printrbot jr is still thrilling me! My first bot, Awesome support and communication here too!

@boog_nish the more u guys tell me about it the more desperate I get!! Lol how’s the print quality? One thing I did notice between the makerbot vs cubify was the huge print quality difference…

Way decent when you’ve got it all dialed in!!

@boog_nish How hard is it to get it filed in tho?

Print object. Post here, bragging about quality. Someone will always give you tips. :smiley:

So true. Just wishing i could post picture on comments. @ThantiK is correct, he and others here are an invaluable help. This is where the majority of my learning has come from. On that note- THANK YOU

@boog_nish @ThantiK :slight_smile: that’s awesome… My Mario n concert right now is that the print quality might not b what I’m expecting, the makerbot 5th generation couldn’t get an print done, but to b honest the i liked the way the finished object looked.

I was reading a review on the printrbot where they R comparing the Print of a ultimaker 2 vs a printrbot and the by were saying that the print quality of the printrbot didn’t compare to the ultimaker… This makes me wonder.

What’s you guy’s take not that?

Thanks for all the help!

Printrbot! We ordered the Plus last week, so I can’t tell you specifically about it but we have two earlier Printrbot models and we live them.

And like people mentioned already, Brook is a solid citizen. Very reliable.

@Matt_Perez thanks for the input! All of ur comments are really helping:)

I had a 5th Gen for almost a year. The best quality it had is only as good as the default settings on your brand new simple metal. That thing jammed 8+ times already. My printrbot metal simple jammed last night. Took it down and use an Allen key to unjam it. Back to working order.

Once I got the right settings and a heated bed, this thing will be awesome I am sure.

@Dat_Chu How do compare the print quality between the two of them?

Makerbot raft is easily removable. Changing filament is easier on the Makerbot. Quality of print per layer for Makerbot is no better than the simple metal so far.

My suggestion is to stop relying on auto correct and proof your posts before hitting send. And Printrbot.