So I just ordered my first 3D printer.  My Robo 3D R1 arrives Wednesday.

(Bryan Minnix) #1

So I just ordered my first 3D printer. My Robo 3D R1 arrives Wednesday.

Any one got some tips for a 3D print noob? Especially from any other Robo 3D owners.

(Ray Kholodovsky) #2

No first hand experience but seems to be a solid printer and @Mike_Kelly_Mike_Make is a great resource here and on the forums.

(Bryan Minnix) #3

Thanks. I just checked him out, per your recommendation, and he does seem to have a lot of good info.

(Camerin hahn) #4

Note, the new version of this printer uses metric threaded rod. Print a calibration cube. The calibration cube may come out short. It if that is the case, it can be fixed with an m92 command.

(Camerin hahn) #5

My colleague just got one. He loves it.

(Bryan Minnix) #6

That’s a great help. Thanks

(Brian Gottlieb (Brictone)) #7

Hi Bryan, congratulations on the printer purchase! Camerin is correct and the steps per mm on the Z axis may be off. We just released a new firmware v3 that resolves this issue and some others. I recommend updating your firmware through Matter Control if possible. Other than that just watch our getting started video and you’ll be printing in no time!

( #8

@Bryan_Minnix In terms of more general tips for 3D printing beginners, you may want to take a look here: