So I just found out there will be a glow in the dark drift

So I just found out there will be a glow in the dark drift competition on Black Friday there’s a prize for best light display. I don’t really care about what the prize is but I would love recognition for hard work. So far I think I can only do the under glow and maybe the interior can’t afford the hatch screen yet haha wish me luck and if anyone helps me I will be sure to give credit where credit is due

drift as in cars?
maybe this might be of interest, and there’s many people in here doing good pov work!

That is very interesting I’m new to pov doesn’t it only show up in pictures? Or can you actually see it

Besides I don’t think I’m going fast enough to make it work I’d b lucky if I’m going 50 thru the turns

As you noticed in the video, you couldn’t read the display, but the camera does. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t cover your car with LEDs and just display some really cool patterns … Go for it, blow them away with brightness.

Im gonna be doing an underglow kit with the fast spi lib and thats all that I got for money rite now lol otherwise id do the screen on my back window