So I have everything set up,

So I have everything set up, but when I put in the CD that came with it in order to install drivers and software, it won’t read! Does anyone have a copy shared out somewhere?

@Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y ​ has it post if you dig thru the community

I have a copy in my dropbox. But I suggest using the CorelDraw X5 version (rather than the v12 they give). It’s also “non-genuine”.

Link here:

You should find 3 files in that folder. 1 for CorelDraw x5, 1 for CorelLaser & 1 readme that goes through the install/keygen setup stuff.

Also note, I added a block in my windows firewall after installing to block Corel Draw from being able to communicate with the internet. To prevent it trying to check if it’s legit version haha.

Or if you want the original cd (with all the crazy chinese files) it is here:

named K40 Software CD.rar.

For some reason, if I recall correct, the CorelDraw X5 doesn’t work from google drive. Someone tried to download it & google had removed the file from the list or removed the keygen from within the file. So if you want that version grab from the Dropbox link.

You guys are awesome. Thanks Yuusuf! I’ll start installing. Hoping to get a test cut soon.

Thanks Yuusuf, I to shall use this one.

Yuusuf your a legend! Don’t have my laser yet but im itching to start doing a few programs for the big day :slight_smile: many thanks!

@Evan_Fosmark @Bruce_Garoutte @Hayden_DoesGames You’re all welcome. Have fun & can’t wait for more people like you to join the laser crew!