So I have been using chilipeppr for awhile now and I have just ran

So I have been using chilipeppr for awhile now and I have just ran into an issue. It seems after a tool change I click the Send Repositon to … Which causes a G0 rapid movement to the last position before the toolchange. This tends to crash my Z axis if the X and Y distances are long enough for the Z to get to a depth that should be inside a pocket before its actually in that pocket. Is this intended behavior? Is there a way to slow my Z rapid speed down so that I can clear the part before my final depth. My current solution is to just manually G0 to the X and Y first.

I think this is maybe best handled by just knowing that it rapids to the XYZ position and that if you are worried about clearance, you should manually jog over the XY position and then reposition to. That would solve the Z crash. I think trying have ChiliPeppr determine the highest Z in your gcode and going to that Z, then going to the XY, then to Z zero is an approach but no work has been done to try to be that intelligent. If you’re up for forking the Gcode widget to do a whole file scan to find the highest Z, then that could be a first step towards a more intelligent approach.

Another solution might be to just rapid to xy first and then Z depth and then leave it up to the user to utilize G28 correctly. If I find time it might be an easy fork.

@jlauer Can you please look into my issue also.Please

Hey John. I just did the XY rapid and then pressed the Send Reposition to last point which correctly cleared the part and put me back in the location from before the tool change. However once I resumed from the tool change pause the very next movement was a G0 rapid in the XY cutting through the part. I have now just been resume the code without clicking the return to last position button and it does a G0 with an XY and then a separate Z move as intended. I guess my question is what is the reasoning for that button and why does the text say “Be sure to click…”. Maybe I am missing something or there is a time when that functionality would be required.

Letting you jog for a tool change is a highly controversial topic. If I follow the letter of the law I should remove this feature. The reason is that your jog can mess up all the settings I assume aren’t messed up when you resume like g90 vs g91 or inch vs metric. If you have relative moves I need you to get back to the last known position so things resume correctly.