So I have been researching to find out what I am doing wrong with

So I have been researching to find out what I am doing wrong with my inductive sensor. As stated before it showed always triggered with and without metal up to it (the light works fine).

After watching @Thomas_Sanladerer s guide five more times I noticed that he said that you need to wire a connector to just the signal line. Does that mean that I do not need to connect the ground but rather only the power and signal? I had previously connected all three in the endstop port which makes it seem like this is where my issue lies.

So just to clarify should I not keep the ground plugged in but just the signal and power?

Thank you to all!

You will need to wire your sensor to a +12v source and ground on your printer, and wire the output of the sensor through a resistive voltage divider (described in @Thomas_Sanladerer ​’s video), and connect that to your z-min input on your motherboard

Yes, the sensor needs a separate power supply.

@Carlton_Dodd So I put the ground and signal in their normal places for the endstops and then put the input to a 12v source?

If so where would you recommend I get the 12v from?

Not knowing how your printer is wired, or how your sensor works, I can’t tell you how to wire it up.
I would, however, suggest that you wire the sensor separately from your printer and use a multimeter to understand the output on the sensor line (probably a voltage, rather than a ground signal).
You will need a thorough understanding of your sensor, your control board, and your firmware in order to implement this sensor properly.