So I have been fighting trying to print a Lion model from thingiverse at

(Eric Lien) #1

So I have been fighting trying to print a Lion model from thingiverse at the request of my 3 year old son. It’s not possible to print unsupported but I never had much luck with slic3r or cura support removal. I tried a print using meshmixer support and lost adhesion on a leg and an upright early in the print. So I made spaghetti all night long.

I bit the bullet and purchased simplify3d. Wow this software is amazing. All the settings you’d want and the support material snapped off so clean no sanding was required. It performs like Affina printers support work in videos I’ve seen. Pricey software… But I am now sold.

I printed at .18mm layer height, 40mm/s, 195c, orange semi translucent pla from seemecnc.







(Wayne Friedt) #2

That is awesome. Wonder what happens if you need to transfer it to a different pc.

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #3

@Eclsnowman , if I was to try to print that, I think I would have tried printing it butt down. Although that may seem strange, you would have had minimum support material cleanup and else than the legs, almost everything probably would have been within acceptable overhang limits.

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #4

Oh. animals also tend to have hair coming to a point on the back of their legs, it seems, so the odd spots might actually look more real.

(Michael Hohensee) #5

Looks great, but man, $140 is pretty steep.

(Wayne Friedt) #6

Depends on what you a doing or using it for. If i can confirm it it can be transferred to a different PC due to it crashing ect i will buy this. i am waiting on an answer back from the company.

(Eric Lien) #7

@Wayne_Friedt crashing?

(Eric Lien) #8

@NathanielStenzel makes sense on the orientation. But the way I printed the layers look a lot like hair. So I am pleased.

(Wayne Friedt) #9

If my PC crashes i may loose the programs. Its happened before and i wasn’t able to redownload a certain program. it was only good for one download.

(Eric Lien) #10

@Wayne_Friedt When I installed it just had me enter the license code. I will try to install on another PC and let you know the results.

(Eric Lien) #11

@Ashley_Webster thanks for the compliment and the info about simplify license.

(Kai Laborenz) #12

Is there a trial version available? I would pay $140 for a good software. But I wouldn’t pay it without testing.

(Wayne Friedt) #13

@Eclsnowman Off this subject. How far apart did you make your X rods?

(Wayne Friedt) #14

Here is the email i have gotten from S3D about transferring the program.

Hi Wayne,

You can easily transfer the software to a different computer if you need to. You can go to Help > Deactivate Product to move the license or you can contact us if your hard drive crashes or some other similar catastrophic failure.


(Thái Vũ) #15

how about makerbot desktop?

(Joe Spanier) #16

Man I almost pulled the trigger yesterday after meeting a guy who had nothing but glowing reviews for it. But I lost my never when I was entering my credit card info.

You may have sold me now…

(D Rob) #17

@Eclsnowman amazing results man!

(Eric Lien) #18

@D_Rob thanks. I love that this is a hobby you always learn from. There is never a failure. Just opportunities to learn more and improve. Now I just have to dig deeper into simplify3d’s settings. I am just glad it turned out so well on the first thing I ever sliced. My son loves it BTW. That helped smooth things over with the misses who hates how much time I spend printing :slight_smile:

(Joe Spanier) #19

^ I know that feeling

(Antonio Hubbard) #20

high school mascot, i want one of those