So I have an ultimaker 2 extended printer that I run at work and

(Kevin Danger Powers) #1

So I have an ultimaker 2 extended printer that I run at work and somewhat recently I started having this weird printing issue and I can’t figure out why. As you can tell, the layers aren’t that smooth. Granted that this is a small part but my cheap $200 printer at home is printing better than this. Any ideas as to why it’s doing this? I kinda think it’s the Z axis lead screw because it seems to change layer by layer, not in random spots. On the flip side, my z axis height is like spot on when parts are measured with calipers. I’m at a loss with this thing. I’ve tried different speeds, temps, jerk speed, flow rate, retraction settings and whatever else I could think of. The belts are plenty tight as well. I just don’t know what else it could be…

(Petruse Mihai) #2

This is a temperature issue, raise the printing temperature and IT should run smooth, if not lower The printing speed and keep higher temperature. Try 40mm/s and 220 deh or Try higher. Leg ME know if you succed

(SKULLKANDY Design) #3

Looks like Z axis, have you tried multiple different models with the same effect?

(Daid Braam) #4

Check if the temperature isn’t oscillating. Some UM2 machines have that issue, requiring some PID tweaking to become stable.

(marc kerger) #5

is the filament dry?

(Kevin Danger Powers) #6

@Petruse_Mihai I’m already running PLA at 215c.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #7

@SKULLKANDY_Design Yeah. Doesn’t matter what I print.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #8

@marc_kerger It SHOULD be dry but you never know I guess. I’m about to put a new roll on soon anyway so we’ll see if that helps at all.

(SKULLKANDY Design) #9

@Kevin_Danger_Powers still leaning to the Z axis being off. Not sure if it would be moisture in the PLA unless you have had the roll out for months on end. Maybe try a different slicer and see what the result is?

(Jeff DeMaagd) #10

Maybe a long shot, but have you tried an “atomic” or cold pull?

(Kevin Danger Powers) #11

@Jeff_DeMaagd no but that’s not a bad idea.

(Petruse Mihai) #12

You can GO higher than 215 deg, i have a 1.75 PLA filament that i use 230 deg on delta printer at 80mm/s, 0.4mm nozzel. But you should wach closly if you have temperature variation/drop more than 5 deg.

(Eric Buijs) #13

Could it be that the extruder doesn’t work properly and needs maintenance.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #14

So I tweaked a few settings here and there but I did 2 things at the same time and it seems better. I did a cold pull and use a new roll of filament. So far it’s better but I have only printed 1 small part. I’ll try more again tomorrow.