So I had an incident with my Ubis all metal the other day...

So I had an incident with my Ubis all metal the other day…

I had the hotend up to temp and it seemed like it had jammed. So I tried pulling on the filament from the top to pull it out and it was stuck. Finally with some force I got it to come undone, however there is a large amount still stuck in the peek. I have no idea how to get it out and don’t want to hurt the hotend.

Any suggestions anyone??

What type of plastic?

Oops forgot to mention that. It’s PLA

So… One thing you can do is take any disolvable items off of it ( plastic, wires, etc) and buy some methyl ethyl ketone from the hardware store and soak the piece in there. That will soften up the plastic, then you can use a paper clip to scrape the pla out. The mek (methyl ethyl ketone) will evaporate like acetone and shouldn’t leave any residue

Sounds like a plan @Abc_Def ​! Thanks! I just didn’t want to have to get the drill out or anything because I figured that would mkst likely result in a news peek being needed.

@Abc_Def ​ it won’t hurt the metal itself though will it???

You could disassemble the hotend and heat the part where it’s stuck with a blow torch or in an oven until the PLA drips out. I’d go with the MEK first though because it has the least possibility to damage the hotend.

@Adam_Steinmark ​ I have the peek taken apart from the rest. My only worry with the MEK is the plastic portion of the hotend that you connect the printer to (maybe it is ceramic)

@Griffin_Paquette it shouldn’t. May want to google it first

‘All metal hot end’ and you have some plastic stuck in the peek. Peek isn’t metal, so what’s going on here?

@Jeff_DeMaagd ​ you’re right. It’s all metal but I didn’t think to use a different word to describe where the plastic is stuck haha.

For lack of a better term the “barrel” of the hotend. Where the fan is attached to

That’d be called the heatsink.

Yes, a lot of people call that the barrel.

Just prop it upright, but above some foil in your oven. Run it up to ~200C or ~400F and let it drip out. Once that’s done, grab it with tongs/gloves, and run some ABS or nylon filament through it to clean out whatever’s stuck to the inside.
No damage to parts, and no super-dangerous chemicals.

Mek isnt as hazardous as many people believe. Yes, you should probably wear gloves and goggles, but getting any on you is ok, as long as you dont drink it like lemonade on a hot summer day

@Abc_Def the MSDS for MEK will certainly disagree with that comment…

Im speaking from experience


Yes, it sounds bad, but in reality its not as bad as it sounds

Wow again… I’m done. Peace.