So I got this LCD adapter with Sd support built in.

So I got this LCD adapter with Sd support built in. Great, configured it in Repetier firmware and when I insert (any) sd card it slows the screen down to a crawl and half the time won’t register navigation with the rotary dial.

I open Repetier host and try to connect, it registers there’s an sd card then says SD init failed.

Any ideas? I’ve tried the sd detect pin in the firmware as -1 48 and 53 the cards are all formatted fat and under 2 gigs.

Ah… You know I don’t know I’d say fairly often. But no mater what sd card I try I can’t access it through the LCD or Repetier host.

Do you have the little sd ramps or is it built onto that controller? There are some configs you need to set, and the little one has more pins then the spot it plugs onto make sure its proper if you have it.

Try to make a partition under 510 MB (not 2 GB) and format in FAT (16 not 32). Hope it helps

Download your printers version of “marlin” open it in arduino, modify configuration.h to Enable reprap discount LCD and upload to your ramps1.4

I’m having the same issue with the SD card but haven’t had a chance to look into the problem. Keep us posted if you find a solution.

Will do ill try the suggested fix here in a bit and post the results.

do you have a short and a long cable to connect the lcd ? If yes, just use the short one, the long ones don’t work for sd card, or, you can watch the soldering on the ramps, look at the pins for the sd card, try to push it, and if it go off the cardn just redo the solder, I had this and all work well since I have done this soldering.

I did the soldering myself on the ramps, the adapter that plugs into those headers looks fine (ill check it again) the cables are probably 6" long or less.

+addidas no, it’s built into the LCD I do have an sd ramps but I haven’t messed with that yet as I got this.

… Ok off topic question how do I reference ppl in my comments?

K Ive got the little SD ramps, i stuck it on the far right if the usb port points left. I can check my configs for ya, and you could get it working where you can see it in repetier. Then you can exclude faulty board, card, etc

@Addidis_no Type that when it pops up below, down arrow and enter to make it work.

Sounds good.

+addidis no mm not working…

You have to get it to pop up and then down arrow to select it. +Addid does it for me. Then arrow down and hit enter with me selected.

Oh I’m on an iPhone right now, probably why it’s not working.