So I got my Pi+LW3+GRBL working on the real laser cutter (not just some

So I got my Pi+LW3+GRBL working on the real laser cutter (not just some steppers with tape on the axle so its easy to see that they’re moving.)
120W of CO2 laser goodness is kinda awesome.

I hope you plan on enclosing that beast. 120w can do some damage in a hurry

I want that work area! What’s the dimensions you can fit in there?

What lens holders are those

What type of aluminum profile is used for the shorter axis (the anodized profile, laser head is mounted on it)?

That is just the kind of beast I want to build my self! Where did you pick up your laser? My 2.8watt laser feels like a toy compared to what I see posted here.

Actually, it is normally enclosed. Switching from the original controller to LW et al required moving it out from the wall, which threw off the alignment. We removed the lid to get the alignment dialed in, did some test cuts, then put the lid back on.

The bed is 4 feet by 2 feet.

All the optical gear with names say Edmund Optics. I’m not sure who made the colimator housing, but it looks like it was made on a lathe+mill. Its pretty simple. The lense in the colimator can be found all over aliexpress, and there’s a rubber o-ring in there that came from Princess Auto… The laser is a reci laser, as is the driver.

I don’t think its aluminum at all. I’ll get a better photo next time I’m in the shop, but I’m pretty sure the Y-axis is steel.

The whole system was originally purchased as a semi-custom kit. The owner had the option of changing the dimensions of the cutting area when he ordered it, but he stuck to one of the sizes the manufacturer had in stock. The name of the manufacturer is eluding me right now, but they’re not a going concern anymore. The inability to get support was the reason we went looking for replacement controllers and found LaserWeb.

Yeah, no offense, @Matt_Herrera , but your 2.8W laser is a toy by comparison. This thing goes through 5mm red acrylic in a single pass, leaving sharp edges (the air assist leaves red splatter everywhere too). It etches untreated stainless steel! I’ve been meaning to play with tin-foil to see what it does. But if you look around aliexpress you can find many laser tubes. is the manufacturer of this laser, but its not the only one. I’m sure if you search, you can find sources nearer to home, too. I know sells everything you need.

what kind of settings do you use for stainless? Wondering if my 100w would do anything.

Actually Joe, I have not done it on purpose. The frame around the vac bed is stainless, and it is etched because the laser went “off-road”. But you can see it quite clearly!
Also, check out synrad’s application notes. They explain speeds and powers to do a bunch of things.

oops! we had that happen a few times on our Universal machines haha.

That’s an aircraft… :slight_smile:

@Thomas_Balu_Walter yep. An SU-35V5 from

+Peter van der Walt that looks right. Openbuilds didn’t exist when this beast was purchased, but some 4020 would have done the same job nicely.