So I finally got the funds to build one of these 3D printers.

So I finally got the funds to build one of these 3D printers. I’m having a hard time choosing which one. Either the HercuLien or the Eustathios.

Should I just go for the HercuLien or is there a reason I should go with the Eustathios?

Huge props to whoever created these instructions. I don’t remember seeing them a while back when I was looking to build the HercuLien.

I have built both the euth and the herc, I’d build the euth 10 times. The herc is an awesome printer but requires a lot of fabrication which is a pain and can be quite time consuming.

Is this the correct part number MTSBRA12-410-S56-Q8 for the Eustathios? I can’t find it on the misumi website.

I would say unless your goal is large ABS parts, then Eustathios Spider V2 is a better option due to cost and ease of build.

The instructions for HercuLien were done by @Daniel_Salinas ​ , he is awesome.

I think for now, I will stick with the Eustathios. Can someone verify the part number above for the Lead Screws? I’d like to order this tonight.

I have to agree. I’m pretty badass. LOL

Those are some amazing instructions! Those are bad ass! Lol

I can actually say that I built the herculien 4 times to get those right. I love the printer and if I had to choose again I’d build it again. But I have issues where my office is very drafty so I have to have a fully encloses printer otherwise I fight with part delamination

@bcrazycramer they keep changing the bloody leadscrew number on me. Ahhhhh

I will try to find the correct one tonight.

@bcrazycramer ​ I think you are looking at V1, I would recommend V2

Github for V2:

Lead screw: Q%3A%3A8 C%3A%3A3 J%3A%3A0&HissuCode=MTSBRB12-[80-1000%2F1]-S[5-63%2F1]-Q7%2C8%2C9-C[3-60%2F1]-J[0-58%2F1]

Here is the V2 BOM:

Here are the required printed parts:

Eustathios is easier, and I love the printer. But if like Highlander… There could be only ONE, then myself I would choose HercuLien.

@Eclsnowman Thanks for pointing me to V2. It’s a good thing that part number didn’t work. I might have ordered it.

Has anyone enclosed their Eustathios?
I want to print semi-large ABS items, but I don’t need the extreme size of the Herculien.

What’s the difference in parts cost between the two? I’d never thought that it might be significant.

This part is not coming up when I search for it on Misumi:

20x20x562mm Extruded Aluminum W/ Holes

The part# and description don’t seem to match.

The instruction on the Herculien is definitely a time saver when putting things together. Thanks for putting that together.

should be HFSB5-2020-355-AH177.5[50-1800%2F0.5]&Keyword=HFSB5-2020-355-AH177.5

it is an extrusion 355 long with a cross hole at 177.5 ( i.e. half way).