So...I finally got enough built on my shapeoko to test and I wanted to

So…I finally got enough built on my shapeoko to test and I wanted to do an ‘air’ run of the chilipeppr logo to check it out… since I’m new to gcode perhaps someone can help me figure out how to set the maximum feedrate - if that’s possible. Right now I’m in ‘bat-out-of-hell’ mode and the feedrate on the logo seems to be 800. If I do a simple G1 command, however, I can get it to go the desired rate… any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong?

Yes, that logo runs at 800mm/min by default. Just click the down arrow on the Feedrate X multiplier area and perhaps go to 0.2 to knock the feedrate down to 160 or so.

cool beans - thanks!..missed that whole section… now about the settings… when I jog and run the logo etc… I’m def. not moving the correct number of mm. - Much too far… Do I need to change the settings on the tinyg?

Yes, you’ll need to calibrate your steps/rev travel settings for your axes/motors. If you have a standard setup then you could borrow other people’s settings, but most folks measure and then tune.

awesome sauce - I’ll work on that next… thanks so so much!

After you get all the settings squared away… Feed rate is modal so just place a “FXX.X” on any G01/G02/G03 line or any line after a G01. I have found that the feedrate multiplier doesn’t work… But that could be my set up (OtherMill, firmware behind in tinyg,etc.) And if you forget to change it you risk banging up your machine, breaking tools, etc. Deepening on what you are doing…

@Paul_Finelt Yeah I had a little OMG moment ha! I think I’ve got it now… I’ll be taking a CNC class this spring so I hope to learn lots more about the code. Thanks for the heads up!

Keep in mind that G0 commands won’t honor those feed rates though - I’m pretty sure the seek speeds (non cutting motions) use the $5 parameter speed I’m grbl. I recently set mine on my ShapeOko 2 to 1200.

@Frank_Graffagnino turns out my problem was not so much feed rate as 800 would be fine for the G0 command if my TR settings were correct… It was going bat-out-of-hell because it thought it needed to get to the next county! (I think it was set for a leadscrew rather than belt drive - yikes) I’ll need to work on all my calibrations… :confused: Thanks for the help!

IIRC, there is a page on the wiki that has all the appropriate settings for a stock SO2. Not sure if that applies to you.